Fried Egg Sammies, No Cable, and Towels.


I have a Valentine’s shoot coming up with three little girls and I made that banner for it. The total cost was probably less than $2.00. Why? Because I got the fabric, including the burlap, from the little sale bin at Hancock Fabrics, and the twine was left over from our wedding. It literally took my 10 minutes to make it, and all I did was tape the hearts on so I can reuse the burlap triangles. Yes, I realize you can see the tape on the light pink hearts. I’ll fix it later.

Last night I got this great idea to rearrange the living room. Ryan is in the field all week, so why not? I woke up this morning, had breakfast, and got right to it. I was so proud of myself. It really does look good. I admired my hard work and then moved on to my next DIY project, which I’ll post on here by the end of the week when it’s all done. I didn’t even think twice about the fact that I had moved the TV. I’m not a huge fan of the TV being on as background noise, so I didn’t turn it on again till about 3:00. Apparently, with Time Warner, and maybe other companies, I don’t know, your TV has to stay plugged into the same cable outlet it was hooked up to when they originally set up your cable. How annoying. Heaven forbid we move furniture. Anyways, I tried calling and couldn’t get through to an actual person. All I got was the automated robot girl who tried to reboot it. Obviously it didn’t work, but it would’ve been really cool if it did. So, I go online to make an appointment and the nice lady tried to reboot it again. Again, it didn’t work, but it would’ve been really cool if it did. Instead, she had to set up an appointment for me for tomorrow between 1 and 2. So, I’m both without my husband and without cable until tomorrow afternoon. Looks like its a movies on the laptop kinda night.

The past three nights I’ve had a fried egg sandwich for dinner. It’s delicious. And it reminds me of my childhood. So don’t hate on it. We also have no food, and I don’t want to grocery shop until Ryan gets back. It was also pay day recently which means walking like sardines through the darn commissary. Yeah, no thanks. Regardless, I don’t cook all out meals when he’s not here. I enjoy the break.

In case you were wondering, I’m currently playing fetch with my cat. He was scared out of his mind of the living room since I rearranged it. He wanted nothing to do with it. I gave him treats, carried him out of the bedroom to the living room, shut the door so he couldn’t go back, everything. He has finally warmed up to it in the last hour or so.

Another thing I did today was wash our bedding. I threw it in with some of our clothes and it still wasn’t a full load, so I grabbed our two towels and threw them in. Now our towels didn’t need to be washed. I threw them in to make the load worth running. However, when I got out of the shower and used my freshly washed towel, it smelled worse than it did before I washed it! Why?! Why are towels so freakin difficult to wash?! On top of that, why is it that when you get out of the shower, even with the door closed, it’s so stinkin cold!? I closed the door to heat up the bathroom and it’s still the equivalent of standing naked in Alaska. I just don’t get it. Then, while my body is still warm and the air is cold, my skin gets all sticky feeling, so when I try to put my clothes on, they stick to my skin. I’m all rushing to get some clothes on and my underwear are sticking to my legs, and of course my toes have to get caught on my shorts, so I’m hopping around, trying not to fall, all because I’m just trying to get warm. Meanwhile, I feel like I still smell like that nasty clean towel, and I really wanna shower again, but then I know I’m just going to have to use that towel again, so this whole thing is just one big catch 22. So, this brings me back to my original question: Why are towels so freakin difficult to wash?! My grandma has mastered the art of washing towels. I did not get that gene. Grandma, if you read this, tell me how you do it! Or if any of my readers know how, leave it in the comments! 🙂


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