DIY Is Good For My Soul


I love DIY. Every last bit of it. The other day, I made a memory jar for Ryan and me and posted that bad boy on Instagram. I’m pretty sure that stinkin jar got more likes than my wedding photos. Cool, guys. Regardless, it told me one thing- you love DIY, too. Or at the very least you think it’s cute.

Well, over the summer, I successfully completed every DIY project for my wedding, plus two end tables, two nightstands, a chair, a bench seat thing (that’s it’s proper name) that we use as a foot board for our bed, our tall dresser, and our TV stand. Y’know, those cool ones that you’ve seen on Pinterest where they take out the drawers of an old dresser and paint it and it looks all fun and fabulous? Yeah, I did that. Because I’m fun. And fabulous. But I’ll save the home decor for some other time. For now, indulge yourselves in our wedding.**

Ladies and gentlemen, I was no prize while planning this whole thing. Oh goodness. I mean, I was BAD. Like, looking back, it’s embarrassing, and I’m so glad I have the family that I do that are kind, forgiving souls. Stress is expected when planning a wedding in three months, and minor freak-outs are expected when planning a wedding in three months. If either of those were what had occurred, things would be fine and dandy. That’s not what occurred. That’s not what occurred at all. I blew up when my mom asked me to remind her how much each girl’s make up would cost while everyone was helping set up the night before the wedding, only after blowing up because… I don’t even remember honestly. That’s sad. But I know I was outraged about some small detail. I had angrily cursed at my sister who was trying to snap me out of it and bring me back to reality. People, this is not okay, and it’s not cute. For all of my unmarried followers, take my advice, do not do this. It’s not cute. So, that being said, I ended up having the wedding of my dreams.

**All photos were done by the incredibly talented Brittany Graham from Brittany Graham Photography. Find her on Facebook, on her blog, , or her website, .


This is just to give you an idea of where our reception was. It was held in my Aunt’s backyard. (Ryan and I met for the first time at her house. It was also the house the my Grandpa built, and where my mom grew up.)


I really didn’t want people to feel obligated to dance, because, let’s face it, not everyone can keep up, and my moves can be a little intimidating. So we had yard games, too. It was a hit!


Mr. and Mrs. Beauregard. I made that sign by breaking apart a section of fence that I found in my Aunt’s barn. We eventually got my entire mom’s side on and around those hay bales for a picture.


I went to my first ever auction this summer. That was so fun. Seriously, if you haven’t gone, and you’re into DIY, go. The blankets I laid on top of the hay bales were from an auction at the house of a 99 year old farm wife. They were auctioning off everything. This lady was legit. I read some of her old love letters. She liked to play hard to get.


More hay! This was my gift table. I also painted and aged the American flag crate for cards. Oh, and attention whoever gave us that gray and white striped box from Things Remembered right there, you didn’t leave a card, so thank you! If it was you, let me know!


You can see where I erased on the chalk board in the picture, but in the outside light, you couldn’t tell. Everyone had a mason jar. The sign is actually a Dollar Store picture frame that I spray painted with chalkboard paint.


Our guest quilt instead of a guest book or anything else. My Aunt made this and had nothing to use it for, so she kept the material I originally had for the guest quilt, and we used this instead.


The rope on the table is the knot we tied instead of lighting a unity candle. I just bought rope from Tractor Supply. Easy peezy. I got a name tape made to pin to my bouquet, ordered a HUGE roll of burlap for table runners, the lace is a shawl that came with my dress, and we’re drinking out of personalized mason jars from Etsy.



That boat is just an old boat that my Aunt and her husband have had for a few years now. It was coincidental and perfect. The crated came from a variety of places. I won some at the awesome aforementioned auctions, some came from my Aunt’s basement, and some came from her father-in-laws barn. The blue vase and jars with the flags came from an antique shop. The sunflowers came from a flower shop. I wrapped and hand tied all of silverware with twine.


The cupcake table was covered with an American flag, burlap bags from an antique store, and crates. The little signs are again from the Dollar Store. The cupcake holders, personalized stickers, cake topper, and cupcake signs are from Etsy. I bought that little mason jar at the antique store, along with that knife-looking thing, and then tied the burlap and twine on it myself. We didn’t end up using it, but it was cute anyway.


That hay wagon used to be green. I wanted it red, so I painted it.


At the 99 year old farm wife auction, they auctioned off all the jars by the box. I wanted one. So I suckered in some guy who had bought a box by telling him I just wanted one for my ring bearer to carry our rings in. It worked.


I also had a name tape made for the inside of my dress. I stole this idea from my good friend, Katie.


Again, you can see all the mistakes on the chalkboard, but you couldn’t see it in real life. My Aunt and I printed off, cut out, and put together all of those programs.


I won that shovel at an auction, too! And the sign was made out of that section of fence that I broke apart and cut up. The little bags were ordered off Etsy and filled with bird seed.


I got those old vinegar/apple cider jars for $.10 each at a garage sale. At the alter, you can kind of see a wood fence on each side. My father-in-law built that for us. It was perfect.


And this is one of my favorite pictures. The little white church we got married in is in the background. My grandparents were married in that church, and my Great Grandma who passed away two summers ago was baptized in that church.

So, there it is. My dream wedding. There were a few DIY things that didn’t make it in a picture, like the “Beaux” and “Belle” bathroom signs, but you get the idea. If you have any questions about anything I did here, or DIY in general, ask me in the comments! If you couldn’t tell, I love it, and I’d be super happy to help!


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