Fried Egg Sammies, No Cable, and Towels.


I have a Valentine’s shoot coming up with three little girls and I made that banner for it. The total cost was probably less than $2.00. Why? Because I got the fabric, including the burlap, from the little sale bin at Hancock Fabrics, and the twine was left over from our wedding. It literally took my 10 minutes to make it, and all I did was tape the hearts on so I can reuse the burlap triangles. Yes, I realize you can see the tape on the light pink hearts. I’ll fix it later.

Last night I got this great idea to rearrange the living room. Ryan is in the field all week, so why not? I woke up this morning, had breakfast, and got right to it. I was so proud of myself. It really does look good. I admired my hard work and then moved on to my next DIY project, which I’ll post on here by the end of the week when it’s all done. I didn’t even think twice about the fact that I had moved the TV. I’m not a huge fan of the TV being on as background noise, so I didn’t turn it on again till about 3:00. Apparently, with Time Warner, and maybe other companies, I don’t know, your TV has to stay plugged into the same cable outlet it was hooked up to when they originally set up your cable. How annoying. Heaven forbid we move furniture. Anyways, I tried calling and couldn’t get through to an actual person. All I got was the automated robot girl who tried to reboot it. Obviously it didn’t work, but it would’ve been really cool if it did. So, I go online to make an appointment and the nice lady tried to reboot it again. Again, it didn’t work, but it would’ve been really cool if it did. Instead, she had to set up an appointment for me for tomorrow between 1 and 2. So, I’m both without my husband and without cable until tomorrow afternoon. Looks like its a movies on the laptop kinda night.

The past three nights I’ve had a fried egg sandwich for dinner. It’s delicious. And it reminds me of my childhood. So don’t hate on it. We also have no food, and I don’t want to grocery shop until Ryan gets back. It was also pay day recently which means walking like sardines through the darn commissary. Yeah, no thanks. Regardless, I don’t cook all out meals when he’s not here. I enjoy the break.

In case you were wondering, I’m currently playing fetch with my cat. He was scared out of his mind of the living room since I rearranged it. He wanted nothing to do with it. I gave him treats, carried him out of the bedroom to the living room, shut the door so he couldn’t go back, everything. He has finally warmed up to it in the last hour or so.

Another thing I did today was wash our bedding. I threw it in with some of our clothes and it still wasn’t a full load, so I grabbed our two towels and threw them in. Now our towels didn’t need to be washed. I threw them in to make the load worth running. However, when I got out of the shower and used my freshly washed towel, it smelled worse than it did before I washed it! Why?! Why are towels so freakin difficult to wash?! On top of that, why is it that when you get out of the shower, even with the door closed, it’s so stinkin cold!? I closed the door to heat up the bathroom and it’s still the equivalent of standing naked in Alaska. I just don’t get it. Then, while my body is still warm and the air is cold, my skin gets all sticky feeling, so when I try to put my clothes on, they stick to my skin. I’m all rushing to get some clothes on and my underwear are sticking to my legs, and of course my toes have to get caught on my shorts, so I’m hopping around, trying not to fall, all because I’m just trying to get warm. Meanwhile, I feel like I still smell like that nasty clean towel, and I really wanna shower again, but then I know I’m just going to have to use that towel again, so this whole thing is just one big catch 22. So, this brings me back to my original question: Why are towels so freakin difficult to wash?! My grandma has mastered the art of washing towels. I did not get that gene. Grandma, if you read this, tell me how you do it! Or if any of my readers know how, leave it in the comments! 🙂


DIY Is Good For My Soul


I love DIY. Every last bit of it. The other day, I made a memory jar for Ryan and me and posted that bad boy on Instagram. I’m pretty sure that stinkin jar got more likes than my wedding photos. Cool, guys. Regardless, it told me one thing- you love DIY, too. Or at the very least you think it’s cute.

Well, over the summer, I successfully completed every DIY project for my wedding, plus two end tables, two nightstands, a chair, a bench seat thing (that’s it’s proper name) that we use as a foot board for our bed, our tall dresser, and our TV stand. Y’know, those cool ones that you’ve seen on Pinterest where they take out the drawers of an old dresser and paint it and it looks all fun and fabulous? Yeah, I did that. Because I’m fun. And fabulous. But I’ll save the home decor for some other time. For now, indulge yourselves in our wedding.**

Ladies and gentlemen, I was no prize while planning this whole thing. Oh goodness. I mean, I was BAD. Like, looking back, it’s embarrassing, and I’m so glad I have the family that I do that are kind, forgiving souls. Stress is expected when planning a wedding in three months, and minor freak-outs are expected when planning a wedding in three months. If either of those were what had occurred, things would be fine and dandy. That’s not what occurred. That’s not what occurred at all. I blew up when my mom asked me to remind her how much each girl’s make up would cost while everyone was helping set up the night before the wedding, only after blowing up because… I don’t even remember honestly. That’s sad. But I know I was outraged about some small detail. I had angrily cursed at my sister who was trying to snap me out of it and bring me back to reality. People, this is not okay, and it’s not cute. For all of my unmarried followers, take my advice, do not do this. It’s not cute. So, that being said, I ended up having the wedding of my dreams.

**All photos were done by the incredibly talented Brittany Graham from Brittany Graham Photography. Find her on Facebook, on her blog, , or her website, .


This is just to give you an idea of where our reception was. It was held in my Aunt’s backyard. (Ryan and I met for the first time at her house. It was also the house the my Grandpa built, and where my mom grew up.)


I really didn’t want people to feel obligated to dance, because, let’s face it, not everyone can keep up, and my moves can be a little intimidating. So we had yard games, too. It was a hit!


Mr. and Mrs. Beauregard. I made that sign by breaking apart a section of fence that I found in my Aunt’s barn. We eventually got my entire mom’s side on and around those hay bales for a picture.


I went to my first ever auction this summer. That was so fun. Seriously, if you haven’t gone, and you’re into DIY, go. The blankets I laid on top of the hay bales were from an auction at the house of a 99 year old farm wife. They were auctioning off everything. This lady was legit. I read some of her old love letters. She liked to play hard to get.


More hay! This was my gift table. I also painted and aged the American flag crate for cards. Oh, and attention whoever gave us that gray and white striped box from Things Remembered right there, you didn’t leave a card, so thank you! If it was you, let me know!


You can see where I erased on the chalk board in the picture, but in the outside light, you couldn’t tell. Everyone had a mason jar. The sign is actually a Dollar Store picture frame that I spray painted with chalkboard paint.


Our guest quilt instead of a guest book or anything else. My Aunt made this and had nothing to use it for, so she kept the material I originally had for the guest quilt, and we used this instead.


The rope on the table is the knot we tied instead of lighting a unity candle. I just bought rope from Tractor Supply. Easy peezy. I got a name tape made to pin to my bouquet, ordered a HUGE roll of burlap for table runners, the lace is a shawl that came with my dress, and we’re drinking out of personalized mason jars from Etsy.



That boat is just an old boat that my Aunt and her husband have had for a few years now. It was coincidental and perfect. The crated came from a variety of places. I won some at the awesome aforementioned auctions, some came from my Aunt’s basement, and some came from her father-in-laws barn. The blue vase and jars with the flags came from an antique shop. The sunflowers came from a flower shop. I wrapped and hand tied all of silverware with twine.


The cupcake table was covered with an American flag, burlap bags from an antique store, and crates. The little signs are again from the Dollar Store. The cupcake holders, personalized stickers, cake topper, and cupcake signs are from Etsy. I bought that little mason jar at the antique store, along with that knife-looking thing, and then tied the burlap and twine on it myself. We didn’t end up using it, but it was cute anyway.


That hay wagon used to be green. I wanted it red, so I painted it.


At the 99 year old farm wife auction, they auctioned off all the jars by the box. I wanted one. So I suckered in some guy who had bought a box by telling him I just wanted one for my ring bearer to carry our rings in. It worked.


I also had a name tape made for the inside of my dress. I stole this idea from my good friend, Katie.


Again, you can see all the mistakes on the chalkboard, but you couldn’t see it in real life. My Aunt and I printed off, cut out, and put together all of those programs.


I won that shovel at an auction, too! And the sign was made out of that section of fence that I broke apart and cut up. The little bags were ordered off Etsy and filled with bird seed.


I got those old vinegar/apple cider jars for $.10 each at a garage sale. At the alter, you can kind of see a wood fence on each side. My father-in-law built that for us. It was perfect.


And this is one of my favorite pictures. The little white church we got married in is in the background. My grandparents were married in that church, and my Great Grandma who passed away two summers ago was baptized in that church.

So, there it is. My dream wedding. There were a few DIY things that didn’t make it in a picture, like the “Beaux” and “Belle” bathroom signs, but you get the idea. If you have any questions about anything I did here, or DIY in general, ask me in the comments! If you couldn’t tell, I love it, and I’d be super happy to help!

New Year, NEW POST.


I just got through reading the comments on my first post. I, personally, really dislike when people don’t read/respond to posts they’ve made, whether it be here, Facebook, Instagram, what have you. If you made the post for the public to see, have the decency to respond! While I would genuinely love to respond to every one of you, there is just not enough time in the day. I would, however, like to say thank you to those of you who were/are supportive, those who followed, those who did both, and those who simply took the time to read. If you did not like what you read, I value your opinion as an individual, but you are not being forced to stay or follow. I will not be responding to anymore comments on the previous post. I simply wrote it to put my opinion out there, not to start a debate, but I realize that that will happen because everyone has an opinion. For those of you who are still following, this next part is for you.

I guess you could say I skipped the obligatory details of what a first blog post should entail. Some of you who are following me know me personally, some of you are complete strangers. For the complete strangers, this will be a little about me.

My name is Kristen Beauregard, hence BEAUrocracy if you didn’t catch that 😉 . I am 25, happily married to my husband, Ryan, and living in eastern North Carolina. Home for me is about an hour south of Daytona Beach, Florida. Home for my husband is about 30 minutes south of Ann Arbor, Michigan. We’re spending some time here in N.C. with our adopted fur-baby, Dante, while Ryan finishes up his 4 years with the Marine Corps. Less than a year to go!

A little family history:

I have a biological sister, Courtney, who will be 28 on the 7th, and two adopted siblings- my brother, Joe, who is 16, and Isabel, who is 14. We adopted them when I was 11- Isabel was 10 days, and Joe was 21 months. If they weren’t Mexican, you would never know they’re adopted… but I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and we’re all pretty white, so they kind of stick out like a sore thumb to an onlooker. HA. My parents and siblings still live in Florida. I guess you could say I’m the gypsy of the family. I have a sister-in-law, Jacqueline, who’s 18, a brother-in-law, Marcus, 26, and a soon-to-be sister-in-law, Ashley! All of my in-laws live in Michigan. Fun fact: my parents, and extended family are all from the same area Ryan and his family are from!

So, what do I do? I went to college and earned my degree in Elementary education. I was a teacher for three years in Florida before marrying Ryan and moving to be with him here in N.C. I’m not sure that teaching is what I want to do with the rest of my life, so I guess you could say it’s being put on hiatus. Currently, I’m blogging, crafting, working out, and most importantly, doing photography. If you want to check out my work, you can click here: I just launched that page the day before Christmas Eve, so it’s relatively new. Share it, love it, comment, whatever. Hopefully it’s nice. Aside from photography, I love love love DIY crafts. Pinterest and I get along great. Almost all of my wedding decorations were done by me, based on Pinterest ideas. If you wanna see, go to and find our wedding. It’ll be worth it, I promise! And while you’re there, you can check out her other work because she rocks. If you want to see more of my DIY stuff, you can follow me on Instagram, too- k_beauregard.

As for Ryan and me, we love doing anything outdoors or fitness related- camping, hiking, working out. You name it, we probably love doing it! Or would at least love to try it! Ryan has recently gotten really into CrosFit. I’m getting there. He’s leaning towards pursuing personal training or something along those lines when we’re done here. I’m really excited for that new chapter in our lives! Oh, and traveling. We both love to travel. We eventually want to hike in every state. We got this bucket list hiking journal thing on our honeymoon, and it’s still sitting in my nightstand. Unopened. Blank. Yeah… maybe I’ll start that.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Well, us in a nutshell. And hopefully that’ll be the last of the boring “about me” posts and y’all will just learn more about me as I post about more interesting things.Like my cat.



My First Blog: The Result of a Closed-Minded 23 Year Old



Many of my friends were posting an article on Facebook today written by a 23 year old blogger who came up with a list of 23 things to do besides getting married at 23. Really, all it did was show the world how bad she is at coming up with fun things to do as a single 23 year old woman, and how close-minded she is. However, I must thank her- she is the inspiration behind my very first blog!

I posted a status addressing a few of her poorly thought out suggestions, but I’ll take it a step further here, mainly because I have more space. Before I begin, I’ll let you know, I was (am) 25 when I got married. I am not for or against marrying young. I do not believe there is an “appropriate” age to get married, only an appropriate mindset. So no, I do not fall under the category of women who get married by 23. However, some of my closest friends are happily married and experiencing more with their husbands in their “cop-out” marriage than my friends who are still single.

Before I begin, I’ll share the aforementioned article: You must read it in order to understand the rest of this post.

Oh, and one last thing- someone mentioned that I am taking her list too literally and that this is simply her bucket list. Well, if this is her bucket list, then maybe she shouldn’t publish it and suggest that I do it, too. Because, well, posing naked in front of a window, will NEVER be on my bucket list. But who knows? Maybe when my marriage fails (since it inevitably will), I’ll get that passport and go pose nude in front of a window in the Red Light District. Just maybe.

1. I got a passport. I was 17. I haven’t been to every place I want to go, but if I waited to get married till after I had, I’d never get married.

2. I have found my “thing” and at the same time, I am still finding my “thing”. And I’ll probably find another “thing”. Maybe when I’m 76. Apparently finding your “thing” has an age limit. Better get a move on youngins!

3. Make out with a stranger? No. Just no. I’d rather make out with my husband.

4. I did adopt a pet. Twice. It was a horrible decision and contradicts her first idea of getting a passport (which I assume would be to travel, not just to have another form of identification). My advice? Don’t adopt anything until you’re married and have ample arrangements for times when you can’t bring them with you.

5. Start a band? Nah, that’s not my “thing”.

6. Make a cake? Really? If you’re a woman and haven’t made a cake by the time you’re 23, crawl out from under that rock.

7. I got a tattoo. I now want it covered up. Why? Because I was 18 and got it simply because I was 18. However, I cannot cover up my marriage. I can take off my ring (but I won’t), I can walk out on my husband (but I won’t because I meant the vows I said to him on August 10th), and I can pretend I’m not married, but at the end of the day, the government still has that marriage certificate that says we are, in fact, married. So now it seems my marriage is more permanent than that aforementioned tattoo.

8. I consciously choose not to explore a new religion. I am educated about other religions, but I have a relationship with Christ, and that’s what I choose. Those religions which I am not educated on, I will educate myself on in due time.

9. Starting a small business is quite possibly my “thing”, but I never would’ve been in the position to do so before 23, which is why I am starting now. At almost 26. And married.

10. If she’s referring to a major hair cut, I knocked that out when I was about 6… when I got a bowl cut.

11. Seriously, who suggests dating two people at once just to see how long it takes to blow up in your face!? For one, that’s not beneficial to anyone, including yourself. For two, maybe that’s why some people don’t marry young, or ever! Because sucky people like her suggest doing awful things like that.

12. I did build something with my hands. It’s called an education. That took a lot of hard work with my hands. And I’m sure her intended audience are those whom are well educated.

13. I’ve accomplished many Pinterest projects. Almost anything and everything is on there now, so whether you intended to or not, you probably have.

14. Joining the Peace Corp isn’t my “thing”, and I can’t take my adopted pet, so looks like this list has contradicted itself again.

15. Honey, regardless of what age I chose to get married, I disappointed my parents LONG before 23.

16. Maybe I’m naive, but what is GIRLS? And since I am openly admitting I do not know what this is, I’ll educate myself about what it is later. I may even educate my husband, too.

17. Eat an entire jar of Nutella in one sitting!? Whoa! Dream big! Personally, I’m not a fan of Nutella. I prefer Speculoo’s Crunchy Cookie Butter or Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. And if I want to eat the whole jar in one sitting, I do. I live my life on the edge. What can I say?

18. I believe my sarcastic comments and outgoing personality can, and probably do, make strangers feel uncomfortable in public places.

19. I have to sign up for CrossFit before 23?? CRAP. (I missed the cutoff.)

20. Oh, another slutty idea- hang out naked in front of a window. I believe I touched on this enough in the intro to this awful list.

21. I am writing my feelings down in a blog. Unfortunately for this girl, they’re refuting hers.

22. Oh, dear. You don’t have to tell me to be selfish. I am. I always have been. I always will be. I’m human.

23. Last, but not least, going with this girl to the Philippines for the Chinese New Year sounds far worse than getting married at, or before, the age of 23.

Now that I’ve covered that, I’m sure you’re waiting for me to share a list of my own. But before I do, I feel the need to state that I truly feel that everyone is entitled to their own educated opinion, and to reinforce again that I am not against marrying young or waiting to get married. I simply believe that you should get married when you fully understand and comprehend that you will forever (for-ev-er <– name that movie!) be sharing your personal space with someone and there’s no turning back. Oh, and that if you’re going to share a list of fun things to do, make sure they’re actually fun. And worthwhile. So, here goes.

23 Things You Can Do With Your Husband Regardless of Age

1. Have safe sex, however often you want. It’s a wonderful concept.

2. Get a passport and travel- a honeymoon, or even just a vacation.

3. Run around the house naked. It’s more fun than sitting in a boring window.

4. Get a tattoo that has meaning for both of you.

5. Explore somewhere new with your best friend, instead of alone.

6. Pick up a new hobby together.

7. Start a family if you want. If you don’t, then wait.

8. Make out. At least you know where his mouth has been.

9. Decorate your house/apartment with Pinterest projects you did together.

10. Get a couples massage. Things are more fun with your best friend.

11. Sign up for CrossFit together. Or just workout together period.

12. Share an entire pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting. (I like sharing because then it’s less likely that I’ll fall into that stereotype of getting fat now that I’m married.)

13. Build a future.

14. Disappoint your husband. Trust me, you won’t have to try, it’ll just happen. And then have make-up sex.

15. Bake/cook for each other. Things taste way better when they’re made for someone with love.

16. Start traditions together.

17. Travel within the United States. And when you get lost, make an adventure out of it, knowing you’re safe with your best friend.

18. Have a sleepover with him every night.

19. Go out together, have fun, come home together, and have more fun.

20. Adopt a pet. When you’re both ready. It’s easier when two people are caring for it.

21. Start a small business now that you have a confidant, companion, and faithful business partner.

22. Start a blog. Together or separately. See? You can do it when you’re married too! Crazy, I know.

23. Befriend other happily married couples.

Whatever you decide to do- marry young, marry later, marry late, or never marry- just make sure it’s right for you. And if you post a blog about things you can do instead of getting married at 23, make sure it’s not condemning those who chose to get married before 23, and make sure you list things that are actually more fun than being married to your best friend.

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